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About The Sensible Steward

Welcome to The Sensible Steward, an exploration of a wide variety of personal finance topics ranging from investing to spending to insurance and more from the perspective of Christian stewardship.  I and my family are followers of Jesus Christ and strive to honor and obey Him in all areas of our lives, including finances.  This worldview directly impacts the posts here, but I hope that non-Christians will also find value in the content here.


.I have been a business professor for over a decade and studied personal finance both professionally and as a hobby for much of that time.  For several years, I was a prolific poster on the Bogleheads forum and made over 30,000 posts in five and a half years (my username there was willthrill81) but decided to leave that forum for various reasons.  This blog allows me to more fully and freely explore personal finance, and I hope that it will be useful to you in your own journey.

Also, most of the photos on this site were taken by my wonderful and talented wife during one of our many journeys.  We are avid travelers and love taking photos to preserve our memories.  The Sensible Steward maintains copyright protection on all photos unless stated otherwise.

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